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About Us

Camzooms is a startup which addresses the problems of the Photography industry. Our goal is to create a one stop shop for all your photography related needs like leads, learning, buying, selling and jobs, so that as a professional you have lesser worries and better performance.


It has always been very fascinating for me to take pictures and create memories, though it was an expensive hobby, it unleashed the artist inside me. I developed a habit of looking for new technology in the camera world. As we all know high-end cameras are expensive, which forced me to parallelly work in MNC corporate  to support the financially expensive hobby of Photography. The corporate jobs were monotonous and low in creativity so it could not engage me for long.


I finally decided to find my career growth in the photography industry. Though I was technically strong, it was difficult to find photography leads. Like any other photography firm we also paid bulk amounts to various platforms for more business leads. These companies did give us leads but the quality of the leads was really pathetic.  Moreover, each lead was distributed to 15 to 20 firms causing a low conversion ratio. As a photographer I also realised that there is no platform to support freelance photographers, videographers, album designers, video editors. The world is going through technology transformation and as a photographer I felt the need for a platform where we support each other, share workload and generate more revenue. 

We at CAMZOOMS developed a platform which supports the photography industry to make its own ecosystem